Vendors & Sponsors

Zeleny Art Fair is proud to be sponsored by:

Kate Schuler, Norwex Consultant 

Zeleny Art Fair is excited to announce our 2012 vendors!

Angie creates cut paper art and for the Zeleny team it was love at first sight.  Her works are so detailed and intricate.  You an tell that she puts so much thought and love into each cut she makes.  She uses every scrap that she has to make her beautiful pieces of art and we could not be more excited to see what she brings to our show!

By looking at Allysha's pieces you can already see her beautiful and free spirit.  We loved her Tie-dye and nature inspired jewelry.  She uses upcycled pieces and reverse tie-dyes boring clothing to make it new and exciting!  We love the spirit she brings to the Zeleny team!

Bob and Angela are a husband and wife artist team!  This will be their first show and we are SO excite they have chosen Zeleny!  They make colorful natural reed paintings and the frames!  They also have animal collages made with everyday items like cardboard packaging and left over scrap booking paper and wooden collages inspired by the re-claimed items they find or sometimes buy at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Their Eco-spirit inspired us and we just love their unique works!

Brigid's works take the beauty of nature we see every day and somehow make them more beautiful.  She preserves plant material and creates a simple yet elegant work of art.  We think her works offer something very unique to the Zeleny team and we can't wait to see her pieces on display!

Brittany's button earrings are simple, elegant and just lovely!  She also makes headbands, natural lip balm and children's skirts!  She uses recycled fabrics for all of her buttons and accessories and natural ingredients for her lip balm.  Just from her application we could tell she had a beautiful heart and her creations reveal that as well.

At Hang-Ups they hand-craft one-of-a-kind jewelry, ornaments and cards.  They use some new materials and some upcycled materials.  100% of their creations are handmade.  They are a dynamic crafting duo and their jewelry pieces are so unique!  We are excited for the fun this pair will bring to Zeleny!

First of all, with a name like "Bean and the Sprout"  how could you not like her designs?!  Christine's accessories range from casual to semi-formal to bridal wear.  Each piece has the same "Bean and the Sprout" elegant look to them.  Her favorite items to use are vintage prom dresses and gowns as well as vintage jewelry to re-purpose into the beautiful pieces you see in her shop.  Get excited for her booth, accessory lovers!

These crafty gals will be sharing a booth at Zeleny and we are so excited!  Cindy makes jewelry and accessories out of pop tabs, zippers and bottle caps.  Nicole makes key fobs and small-medium pouches out of re-purposed unwanted fabric samples.   Their creativity and sleek designs blew our minds and we love their work!

Daft Crafts will be selling items from multiple artists that sell at their shop in Independence, MO.  They are all about supporting the local arts and offering art education.  We love their mission and the creativity of all their artists!  SO excited to see what unique items that will have for sale at their booth!

Dee Dee makes beautiful mosaics by using broken vintage china and jewelry.  We were amazed at her unique designs and knew she would be great for the Zeleny Team!  She re-uses, repurposes and makes old things beautiful!  That's what we are all about! 

Elise has such a unique style and we love it! We are excited for her quirky items that are all re-purposed works of art to be displayed at Zeleny!  

Eric's art caught our eye the minute we opened his shop!  We love his natural soaps and skins.  Most of all we knew our husbands would love his booth and we are excited for the "man-ness" he brings to Zeleny! 

These girls make such whimsical and lovely handmade things!  They use many upcycled materials in their art and make everything from bags to flower pins to luggage ID tags!  We love their style and know you will too!

Heather crochets and knits all kinds of pretty lovelies!  We especially loved her crocheted camera cases (how cool?!) !  She also makes hats, headbands and totes!  We love it all!  She uses organic yarns and is experimenting with ripped t-shirts and sheets!  We are sure she is going to have a fabulous booth!

Eclectic Etc & Candis Couture by The Ladies of First Pentecostal Church of Kansas City 

This booth will be filled with lovely works of art from a group of ladies that attend the First Pentecostal Church of Kansas City!  We can't wait to see all the different eco-friendly things they have in their booth and already know they are going to bring fun energy to the Zeleny team! 

We L.O.V.E. the eco-friendly and natural ingredients that Jennifer uses in her products.  They make so many different things so visit their website to check it all out!  We were so excited when she accepted our invitation and know that you are going to love her stuff! 

Jenny makes so many fun and unique things from upcycled and recycled materials!  She has magnets, baskets and our favorite coasters all made with an eco-friendly element!  We love the rules she follows: 
"1. It must have a useful purpose
2. It must have some facet of the piece that is recycled, upcycled or repurposed.
3. It must be able to brighten someone's day and make life better and easier! "  That's what we are all about, so check out Hipwitz because she is sure to rock your eco-friendly world!  

Jessica buys vintage jewelry, takes it apart and makes it into new one of a kind pieces!  We LOVE that!  Her pieces are so beautiful and we cannot wait to see what she brings to Zeleny!  She also takes pictures and prints them on eco friendly paper with eco friendly ink!  Zeleny is so excited to have Jessica on the team!

We are so excited to have Jill on our team!  Her soy candles are fantastic!  We currently have some in our homes and we couldn't be more thrilled that she is joining us at the Zeleny fair!  Her scents are unique and the candles are clean burning!  Get excited to be in candle scent heaven! 

We are very excited to have Jill on our team!  Not only will she be selling her own up-cycled paper eco-chic designs but she will also be running a kid's craft table!  Her paper favors are absolutely adorable and we would highly encourage all families to stop by her booth and make a FREE fun kids craft!

Julia's steam punk style caught our eye immediately!  We love it!  Her booth will be so unique and you can tell she puts so much thought into each piece that she makes.  If you love "steampunk" or if you want to find out more about it stop by her booth!

This crafty duo will be sharing a booth at Zeleny!  Karren makes beautiful cake plates from vintage dishes, a little bit of jewelry and some wreaths just in time for Mother's Day!  Randy makes beautiful lights made from antique power line glass insulators.  They. are. awesome!  We are so excited for this unique booth to be displayed at Zeleny!

Kathy creates the new trendy infinity t-shirt scarves with a bit of a vintage touch (we love vintage!).  Some of her scarves also come with beautiful rosettes and ruffled flowers.  Her scarves are eco-chic re-using t-shirts that would have otherwise been thrown away.  We love her eco-heart and we can't wait to see what she brings to the show!

Kelly's art is stunning.  We fell in love!  Her jewelry is simple and at the same time so beautiful!  The pieces she makes are made from "found" and vintage objects and we love 'em!  We encourage you to check out her beautiful art and get excited to see it in person on April 28th!

Kendra makes beautiful natural soaps that are colorful and look good enough to eat!  We love her eco-friendly ways and that she lets no piece of soap go to waste!  Check out her website to see for yourself and stop by her what we know will be a beautiful booth during the fair to buy her lovely soaps!

These girls are quirky and incredibly sweet!  We love their awesome eco-indie accessories with a touch of quirk!  If you are quirky and love anything accessory stop by their booth!  We are excited to have their enthusiastic spirits on the Zeleny team and know you will love them too!

This mother daughter team has a beautiful crafty spirit!  Lindsey makes singed flower necklaces from upcycled fabrics and Sandy makes pioneer dolls from upcyceld t-shirts.  We love their unique style and teamwork!  Check out their websites to see what other crafty lovelies they have created and get excited for their Zeleny booth!

Megan makes such beautiful and refreshing knit apparel and accessories.  We love her eco-indie style!  She uses eco-friendly yarn in her work and creates such modern knit peices!  We suggest checking out her awesome mason jar centerpieces.... so unique!  Her sweet spirit is inspiring and we can't wait for you to meet her on April 28th!

This crafty husband and wife team are so talented!  Melanie makes upcycled fabric girl's accessories and her husband makes wands.. that's right I said WANDS! from local reclaimed wood.  So all you Harry Potter fans will love this booth!  Any age would get excited about Melanie's adorable accessories and we are so impressed with her give always and promotions on her facebook page, you should definitely check it out and see this magical-adorable combination of a booth in person on April 28th!

Designs by Pearl Bloom

Pearl Bloom...I mean just her name is awesome, right?!  Well, so are her eco-friendly designs!  Pearl makes adorable bags (with pockets!) from up-cycled clothing and our favorite are her bracelets made from old strips of film.  We love Pearl's eco-friendly enthusiasm and her lovely heart for art!  She will have beautiful eco-creations at her booth!  Get excited!

With a name like that we think Eco Chique Boutique was made for Zeleny!  Sharon and Emily make hair accessories, mini scrapbooks and note cards all with up-cycled materials and their unique eco-chique touch! We love their earrings made from upcycled aluminum cans and their mini scrapbooks made from up-cycled junk mail!  Their hearts for re-purposing and the Earth inspire us!

Shawn's soaps are just as her name describes, good and clean.  We were inspired by her story and her love for what she creates.  We know that you will love her soaps!  Shawn's enthusiasm for what she does is why Zeleny loves her and we can't wait for you to meet her!

Practical Impact & Toddah by The Todds

We LOVE this eco-indie team!  They have such refreshing designs and we just love their style!  Practical Impact is their accessory side and Toddah are for the "home and body".  Their creativity inspires us and we know you will need something from their booth on April 28th!

Toni uses hubcaps and other upcycled materials to create her amazing Sun art.  Her work is so unique and we love her creative spirit!  If you are looking for some unique art to display you need to stop by and see Toni's amazing "Sun Porch" designs!  She adds sunshine to our team in so many ways :)  

Kimberly's jewelry pieces are one of a kind!  We love that she pieces together such unique works of art!  We can't wait to see what she has created for the fair and encourage you to stop by her booth of April 28th! 

Laura's jewelry is unlike any you have ever seen!  She uses left over pieces from blown glass to create incredibly unique pieces of art.  We know you will love what she does and can't wait to see her beautiful booth!

Christine makes beautiful bib rosette necklaces out of upcycled fabrics!  We love them!  Check out her etsy site so you can choose the design you want to scope out before April 28th and be sure to stop by her booth so you can get your favorites before they are gone!

Glenda makes beautiful jewelry with a lot of heart out of aluminum cans and discontinued wall paper samples (how awesome?!)  We love her work and are excited that she is on the Zeleny team!   

Olivia's offers quality handmade items for your family and your home!  She specializes in felted wool and one of a kind redesigned fashions. We love her creative fashions and can't wait to see what she has to offer at Zeleny!

We love Jennifer's eco-lovin heart!  She up-cycles and recycles so many things giving them new life!  She has everything from organic roasted coffee to vintage button earrings!  We are so excited to have her on the team!

Come on April 28th to buy something from all these wonderful artists!