Friday, February 17, 2012

How Can You Be Involved?

Zeleny could run with just the two of us... but our heads might explode... and then it would be messy and gross and kinda awkward... so we LOVE volunteers. 

If you want to help out for 1 hour or even 5 we welcome any help we can get! 

Our jobs range from being a helping hand during the show or handing out fliers to local businesses before the show! 

We want this to be an amazing event for three main reasons:

1)  We have a passion for handmade items and especially eco-friendly items that help make our world a better place.

2) We don't know our artists yet, but we already love them and we want to show them how supported and loved they are by bringing out lots of excited shoppers!

3) This is a fundraiser for two non-profit organizations that we both work for.  Heartland Center and GSOL are near and dear to our hearts.  We want to raise money for them to help further their missions that we truly believe in. All proceeds we receive for booths and other fees will go directly to these organizations.

So that we know what you are interested in and how we can support you in your volunteer endeavors we ask that you fill out this Volunteer Application:

Volunteer Application

We have a digital copy of a flier we can send you, links you can post, ideas and all the support in the world for any other creative ways you want to help! 

There are only two weeks left to apply (ahhhhhhhhhhhh! we're in Starbucks right now, but we are silently screaming....) so tell your crafty friends and send in those last minute applications!

We can't wait to announce our vendors!  Get pumped!