Vendor FAQ

General Information

Zeleny is a single day booth style eco-indie art show benefiting two eco-friendly non-profits,  Heartland Center and Graydon Springs Outdoor Legacy.

Zeleny will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at Heartland Presbyterian Center in Parkville, Missouri.

Applications will be accepted Jan. 5th through Feb 29, 2012.

NOTE: All booth, chair and table fees will go towards these non-profits.  Your individual sales profits will NOT be required to go towards the fundraiser. (although we wouldn't turn them away! ;) )

Vendor Fees

It is FREE to apply to Zeleny.

Booth Fees: Indoor: 35.00 Outdoor: $30.00
Table Fees: 5.00 (per table 3.5'x3.5')
Chair Fees: 2.00 (per chair) 

Each vendor will be responsible for their own sales transactions.

Booth details

This is an indoor & outdoor event. Yay!
Most indoor booths will be 8'x8'. A few booths will be more rectangular shaped. We are working around pillars to make sure you don't have a big pillar blocking your awesomeness.
All outdoor booths will be 10'x10'.
Electricity is available for a few indoor booths, but very limited.
Wi-fi is available both indoor & outdoor.
If you have a preference, please just let us know when you receive your acceptance email.

What does Zeleny/Green mean to us?

To us, green means using our resources wisely. Many times, creativity is key in living a green life. Thus, we want to highlight all of that amazing eco-friendly creativity! Not only that, but by buying handmade, we can put money right back into our local economy, which is wonderful for everyone! We also want to educate and inform our guests of all ages of the benefits of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, organic and eco-friendly products and services.

How will you decide who gets to participate in the event?

Zeleny is a juried show. The Zeleny Art Fair team will select what we believe is the best blend of products consistent with the overall event theme.  Applicants will be notified of acceptance status within the first full week of March, 2012.

May I share a booth?

Yes, we love team work!  But no more than two vendors are allowed per booth, please.

How will the word get out about the show?

The promotion of a first-time event takes a village (much like raising kids).  We will be utilizing facebook, twitter, local businesses, printed advertisements, radio ads and anything else we can get our little eco-indie hands on. Whether you are a vendor or just an interested party, shout it from the mountain tops!  You can also post this event on any social networking sites, print posters and contact your village of eco-indie enthusiasts.


If you decide you are no longer able to participate in Zeleny, our eyes will tear up and our chins will quiver a little, but we understand that life's happenings are not always in our control.  Please let us know as soon as possible because we expect to have a wait list of Zeleny lovers who would like to have your spot. Unfortunately, booth fees are non-refundable.  If Zeleny must be canceled due to circumstances beyond our control (extreme weather, wild fire, unicorn invasion, etc.), your vendor fee is not able to be refunded.  Fees are spent on advertising long before the show takes place.