What does zeleny mean? Zeleny translates into "green" in Czech. To us, green means using our resources wisely. Many times, creativity is key in living a green life. Thus, we want to highlight all of that amazing eco-friendly creativity! Not only that, but by buying handmade, we can put money right back into our local economy, which is wonderful for everyone! We also want to educate and inform our guests of all ages of the benefits of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, organic and eco-friendly products and services.

Our goal is to bring together like-minded (eco-friendly, laid back, fun-loving & motivated to make a positive impact on the world) artists for a great time!

We love the outdoors.  The Earth is just beautiful and we feel it is our responsibility to preserve it as much as we can.  That's why we have created this show to support two worthy non-profits that strive to celebrate the outdoors as much as we do.  Heartland Center and Graydon Springs Outdoor Legacy will be receiving all of the proceeds (booth, table and chair fees) from our show.

About Graydon Springs Outdoor Legacy (GSOL):

"We are a non-profit interest group working to promote and preserve the Graydon Springs property in Polk County, Missouri. We will encourage programming and usage of the land in five focus areas: Education, Recreation, Community, Ozarks Heritage and Sustainability. Our non-profit group will become stewards of the land, working with other local groups and facilitating programming to ensure the land is enjoyed for generations to come."

About  Heartland Center:

"In response to the Good News of Jesus Christ, Heartland Presbyterian Center provides hospitality and programming in a natural setting for individuals, families, churches, and the community."
"Founded in 1958, Heartland Presbyterian Center is a mission of the Presbyteries of Heartland and Northern Kansas, Synod of Mid-America, Presbyterian Church (USA), providing shelter, nurture and spiritual fellowship for the children of God."

Zeleny* Art Fair is a one day booth style handmade art show, showcasing a wide variety of "green," eco-friendly artists as well as organizations striving to leave a positive outdoor legacy.

When: April 28, 2012 from 9am-4pm at Heartland Presbyterian Center, 16965 NW 45 Hwy, Parkville, MO 64152

About the team:

Alexis Bechtold:
This wild child has a love for the outdoors so much that she is a founding partner and the president of the board of directors for Graydon Springs Outdoor Legacy (GSOL). As if that weren't enough fresh air and hard work, she also is the director for a local challenge course! In her free time (yes, she has some free time) she enjoys making artwork of all sorts for her studio Jumping Dog, of which all proceeds go directly to support the efforts of GSOL. She wholeheartedly believes that God has given her the ability to make fun & functional items that make people smile.

Andrea Cronin:

Andrea Cronin  works at Heartland Presbyterian Center (the venue for the show).  She works as the Day Camp director creating craft ideas, helping to write curriculum and designing posters and fliers..  Outside of work she also runs an etsy shop called Lily Of the Valley Expressions (L.O.V.E. for short).  She loves to upcycle and give new life to old and unloved things.  She believes that creating is her God given gift and she is so thankful for the opportunities she has been given to share her gifts.  Andrea also just recently got married to the love of her life, Russell Cronin.  The two of them love to drink coffee, watch the Big Bang Theory, camp and adventure through life together.

How are these crazy gals related?
Andrea and Alexis met at Heartland Presbyterian Center (our lives have come full circle) in 2007, and have remained close friends ever since.  Recently they have entered craft fairs together as a dynamic duo and got a crazy idea to start their own.  They both love upcycling and the indie craft movement that has started in recent years.  Thus began the creation of Zeleny (insert dramatic music).